Downfall of Catholic church…

In the Xmas calls of 2018, the Catholic church seems to be attempting a top-down-method cure to its ingrained Priest Child-Sexual-Abuse. Here’s but one book, on some of the instabilities.

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JUST ANNOUNCED: ‘Wellbeing, Leadership and Teams’ Presentation and Q&A by Dr Kathryn Williams

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Updated understanding : CSA

Royal Commission & Brisbane Boys' College

Something which causes an amount of misunderstanding is how other people, unaffected by child sexual abuse only believe that there is only one form of abuse. Anything else is simply ‘imagined’. The Royal Commission clearly outlines CSA:

physical abuse;

sexual abuse;

emotional abuse;

verbal abuse;

social abuse;

economic abuse; and

spiritual abuse.—child-support-and-family-assistance,/child-support-laws#_ftn5

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Prepatory contact with Institutions of CSA

Using similar process to what had been included with my initial RC document, additional occasions have been recollected.

  • Following some Legal advice from knowmore, I hope to contact other Church bodies re: CSA occasions during journeys to/from their Institutions. Further details will be made here, if applicable.
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Realisation of frequency of ‘Paedophile Rings’

Following my discussions with related Commissioners, Staff & Counsellors, I’ve realised that many of these Perpetrators had been networking at both a Deceptive, Illegal & Perpeated level. Through these moments, they’ve been able to manipulate, coerce, psychologically abuse & so on with their targets and related community. Disappointed Victims feel robbed, when their own family hide behind a ‘nothing wrong has happened’ veil.

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ASCA Site Ranked in Top 10 for Survivors

ASCA Site Ranked in Top 10 for Survivors. via ASCA Site Ranked in Top 10 for Survivors.

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Tony Harewood is fundraising for Adults Surviving Child Abuse

Tony Anstatt's WP Blog


I am trying to deal CSA issues from my childhood. JustGiving for Adults Surviving Child Abuse because my Report lodged with Royal Commission & counselling:


thumb-photo Blue Knot Day, October 27th 2014

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