Delay, delay, delay …

If this technique sounds familiar, you’re either familiar with legal strategies of wearing out the innocent whilst avoiding responsibility &/or you’re familiar with tendencies of keeping out of the spotlight + at the same time holding onto the lump sum of monies. Wasn’t this the purpose of the JC symbol in the NT writings? …

‘to fight against money being taken away, from those who need it?’


These findings have become more obvious, after realisations of , involving meeting with medical experts, following of CARC & NRS releases and personally attending various Personal Damages Meetings. I had been repeatedly brought into the “loving, caring church” environment, it also became obvious that within each of these the followers-‘beliebers’ are trained into extremist natures. Continuation of church-swapping (akin to school-swapping) of prior to CARC, early retirement may be used to withdraw publicly visible Predators from identification with the ‘loving, caring churches’. Similar to what’s been identified at ‘Church Camps’ & other Gatherings associated with these Institutions – human nature is extremely difficult to ‘repair’. Particularly when illegal actions are involved. On this point, we’ll leave this piece with the adage of ‘a wolf in sheep’s clothing, is still a wolf’ …


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