Media Statement

Stewart Pieper

Acting General Superintendent

Queensland Baptists

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1 March 2019

Queensland Baptists joins the National Redress Scheme

Queensland Baptists as a denomination have made the decision to join the National Redress Scheme for people who have experienced institutional child sexual abuse. Our individual member churches have been invited to formally join the Queensland Baptists Participating Group. We anticipate that the completion of these processes will allow us to make application to join the National Redress Scheme by the second term of 2019.

REF: Statement-by-Stewart-Pieper.pdf

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3 Responses to Media Statement

  1. Here’s ‘a step forward’, by the previously denying QB! Next thing, they could actually speak the truth & live by it 247?!

  2. Now is of grave concern, that the longevity (time) taken by the NRS may result in some of these Perpetrators of CSA to have left the Church’s Employment. Due to Baptist Hierarchy, despite many of the Royal Commission, Letters Patent & National Redress Scheme Conditions, some Predators will attempt to escape Trial for their Crimes. Many Followers-Believers continue to show defence, for these same Perpetrators.

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